MiG Screen Saver Sandbox

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Welcome to the MiG-SSS download site. By downloading and installing this software, your computer will be participating in solving scientific problems whenever the screen saver is on. All you have to do is log in below, download the sandbox, and follow the instructions during the install procedure.

Why Login?

Please note that we do not store any personal information. All you need is a login name which is solely used for identifying sandboxes so that you can keep track of how many jobs your PC has solved while it was idle.

What About Security?

The applications that will be running on your PC when you leave it in screen saver mode are all executed in a so-called 'sandbox'. A sandbox provides a secure execution environment, in which untrusted programs can run. Programs running in the sandbox can neither compromise nor gain access to your PC.

Sandbox monitor

After logging in you will be presented with a list of statistics for your own sandboxes. In case you want to compare your donations to those from other sandbox resource owners, you can take a look at the overall sandbox monitor.

More Questions?

Please check the FAQ, or send us an email.

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